Since becoming established in 2005, our fundraising has gone from strength to strength; to date over £125,000 has been raised for the Bethesda Life Centre.

As the number of children increased so rapidly, space at the previous houses had become severely limited. Consequently, two new houses were purchased this year. They are particularly appropriate for Children’s Homes as they are very spacious and both come with a good-sized “garden” which will enable the children to play outside safely. Fruit trees also grow in these gardens; providing the children with fresh mangoes and jack fruit.

Martin and his friends have spent the past few months completely renovating these houses, and the children have recently moved in. Both houses should hopefully be suitable for the next few years!

Regular sponsorship is enabling the cost of running the homes to be met every month; an enormous relief for Martin and Beena who previously did not know where the money would come from.

However, fundraising must continue; not just to achieve our future vision, but also to meet the regular needs of the homes.

Would you consider holding a fundraising event? If you so we can offer you the following support:

Please contact us for further details.