India has the second highest infection rates of HIV/AIDS in the world and if it doesn’t slow down will lead to as many as 50 million cases. Both the government and non-government organisations are doing their best to get the HIV/AIDS message out there, but it is a slow and difficult process.

HIV/AIDS is still a very misunderstood and therefore taboo illness in India.

Ajay, 8, lived at the Bethesda Life Centre with his friends, but he became very ill.

Beena managed to summon the courage to have him tested for HIV. It was a positive test. He was also suffering from TB which tends to go hand in hand with HIV/AIDS in India. He was moved from his home and friends to specialist home over an hour away. However, with special care and attention, he is getting stronger.

Martin and Beena support 15 HIV positive women who were abandoned by their families by providing food, clothing and medicine every month. Ideally, they would like to have a property for these women – they would like to be able to house 25 HIV positive women and children such as Ajay, so he wouldn’t have had to have left his friends. They would receive all the care and support they needed as well as being able to become trained in crafts or tailoring. The house alone will cost about £25,000.