Beena is the daughter of the founder of the New India Church of God. The Church wants to bring the Good News of the Gospel to all of India. Beena grew up seeing the miseries of women who came to her house seeking help and shelter. Her house was always open for these women. Beena longed to do something for the poor, sick and the helpless: she desperately wanted to make a difference in their lives.

In 1996, Beena married Martin, a Pastor for the New India Church of God. They felt that they were called to the state of Goa, and moved there from native Kerala. Beena continued to express her desire to change the lives of women and children in distress.

On the 1st May 2001, the Bethesda Life Centre, a home for women and children in distress, was born. 3 children were housed in a small rented room near to Martin and Beena’s home. 5 months later, they were caring for 10 children and a pregnant woman and had to move to a bigger house.

The number of children living at the centre rapidly increased, and now Martin and Beena care for and support just over 80 children, aged between 1 and 17, in 2 houses. Four vulnerable women are also seeking refuge in the girls’ home.

The James 1 v 27 Foundation was formed in late 2005 to support the essential work of Martin and Beena. The Foundation is a registered charity in the UK, number 1112730.

“We want to extend our thanks and gratitude to you all who help us so generously to make a difference in the lives of our children. We love you all. God bless you.”
Martin and Beena Philip, June 2006.